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energy right New Homes Plan

The energy right New Homes Plan offers incentives and energy savings for all-electric, energy-efficient new homes. If you meet program guidelines for single-family dwellings, you can receive:

  • Cash incentives — $300 per dwelling for a HERS Rating Index of 93-86; $400 per dwelling for a HERS Rating Index of 85 or less.
  • Underground secondary service rebate — $300 per dwelling for underground service installed to Gibson EMC standards.
  • Electric water heater rebate — $250 per dwelling for 50-gallon or larger water heater; an additional $100 rebate if the unit qualifies as an advanced water heater. (An advanced water heater is defined as either a heat pump water heater, or a unit with a lifetime warranty tank and energy factor of 0.93 for 60-gal or smaller tanks and 0.91 for tanks greater than 60 gallons, or an integrated water heating system that combines water heating with space heating.)
  • Lower utility bills
  • Year ‘round comfort — Energy-efficient heat pumps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Energy-efficient mortgages — Ask your lender if you qualify for a lower rate, energy-efficient mortgage.  

Energy right home ratings are based on a variety of energy-efficiency measures including the amount of insulation, type of windows, and efficiency rating of the heat pump. Residential Energy Analysis & Rating Software allows us to easily determine what features could be added or modified to improve the energy rating of your new home. Heat pumps are required; gas appliances, except gas logs and cook tops, are not allowed. Modular housing may qualify.

We’re here to help. Contact your local Gibson Electric Membership Corporation member service center, or (731) 855-4740, ext. 1620, for more information about this program. We’ll help you incorporate energy right standards into your new home plan, free of charge.


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