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Gibson Electric Membership Corporation - your not-for-profit, member-owned and member-controlled cooperative - serves 20 small towns and many more communities in west Tennessee and west Kentucky. We may be small town, but we have BIG ideas. We are driven to provide you exceptional service and a reliable, affordable product. We also are continuously exploring ways we can improve your quality of life. Yes, we’re local, and that’s a good thing! Our board and employees are your family and friends. We care, and we are committed to serving you in a BIG way! See our Annual Report to learn how we served you in 2015.

D.C. Contest Underway

Representatives are visiting area schools to tell juniors how they can win a free trip to D.C.  See more...

Washington Youth Tour

Why Co-ops Replace Poles

Find out why electric cooperatives replace utility poles. See more...

Lineman Digging Hole for Electrical Pole


Learn about the power of your co-op membership at www.togetherwesave.com.


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